#1 VR Platform for Architecture

Seamlessly create and validate ideas from anywhere on any device.

3D to VR in Minutes


Upload your 3D design to RS and wait for a few minutes for the VR link to be created.


Share the VR link with your clients and colleagues. RS works across all platforms and browsers with no installation.


Step inside your project in true scale and collaborate from anywhere in real time.

Compatible with all major 3D file types

Collaborate from anywhere
Your team and stakeholders can easily create and verify prototypes from any location using any device.
Streamline your design review process, reduce errors, and avoid multiple rounds of design revisions. Keep everyone on the same page discussing the project while walking in it.
Impress your clients and stakeholders with captivating presentations.Communicate design objectives more effectively through guided presentations. Host up to 50 people simultaneously.
Dazzle your potential customers and clients by incorporating your VR models into your website. Bring your designs to life and add an interactive element to your website.


VR & Desktop Mode

No VR headset? No problem. You can view and collaborate on 3D models on any device.

Streaming / Presentation Mode

You have the option to present your models to clients and guests from your own point of view.

Sun & Shadow Settings

NChange the sun's position and the time of the day to have a real sense of light and shadows on your projects.

Measurement Tool

Measure walls and areas in real-time on the true-scale while collaborating. You also have a laser pointer which comes very handy while pointing out certain aspects of your project with others.

Video Notes

Record short videos from your own POV while immersed in the model and attach them as notes to your project.

Spatial Voice Chat

Talk to your clients and colleagues as if you are in the same room. Experience natural, immersive, and directional audio.

Website Integration

Impress your potential clients by displaying your models on your website. Let them walk into your showcase models themselves.

Web Based - No Installation Required

Share and view your models anytime on any device without needing to install clunky software installs. If you have a browser, you can run RS.

Host Controls

As host, set defaults for your models for optimum realistic display and guest experience.


Which files are compatible?


What’s the largest design I can upload?

You can upload files that are up to 500 Mbs.

Which VR Devices does it work with

Reality Signal works with any VR headset, regardless of it's brand. All you need is an internet connection.

Which browsers do you support?

Reality Signal works on all modern browsers and all VR headsets.

Does it work on mobile phones?

Yes. Through Safari (iOs) and Google (Android) browsers.

How many people can attend a space at a time?

Reality Signal can host up to 50 participants simultaneously.

Can I add designs to my website?

Yes. You can make your designs publicly available and link them from your website.

Can I add my branding?

Yes. You can add your own brand and logo on your VR spaces.